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I’ve got a selection of ways for us to work together – take your pick from the options below. I can’t wait to share my love of Tarot with you so you can forge a beautiful route forward in your life…

Let’s Go!

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The Bespoke Video Tarot Card Reading


I will ask you to complete a series of questions so that I can understand your energy and requirements, then I will draw cards for you based on your answers. I will create a bespoke video for you, talking you through the cards I drawn for you and the message they have for you. Click here to place your order.

The Face to Face Tarot Card Reading on Zoom


We will get together for a 60 minute zoom call session where we can talk in person and you can let me know your questions or challenges. I will then draw cards for you and will interpret the message with you whilst we’re together on the call. I will send you a copy of the video recording afterwards for you to refer back to as you wish. You can book in for our face to face session here.

The Good Morning Gorgeous Tarot Practice


Treat yourself to my Good Morning Gorgeous Tarot Practice. A delightful deep dive into how you can set up a magical daily practice of your own to help you connect deeply to yourself and to the Universe – the perfect way to start your day every day, for more confidence, deeper guidance and fabulous self-reliance. Click here for immediate access.

Find me on YouTube for daily tarot readings

If you want to get a quick daily Tarot hit, then come across and find me on YouTube for fresh daily readings every week from Monday to Friday – these unmissable sessions will inspire and invigorate you for the day ahead.

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Three easy ways for us to work together…

Let’s get you booked in for personalised tarot inspiration and guidance


The Bespoke Tarot Reading on Video

Send me your query and I will create you a bespoke video Tarot reading, sheding light on new aspects for you to consider. This empowering video will encourage self relfection in order to establish a confident route forwards on your journey.


The Face to Face Tarot Reading Session on Zoom

This face to face session feels like a Tarot based spa session for the soul! Talk through your query with Laura and experience an in depth reading, guiding you on your journey and giving you inspiration for how to move forward. 


The Good Morning Gorgeous Tarot Practice

Get instant access to this incredible treat for your Tarot Loving Journey! Learn how to establish your own Morning Tarot Practice, so that you can face the day ahead with courage, confidence and joy, knowing that you have invested time in empowering yourself and trusting your own intuition deeper and clearer than ever before. Get instant access to the full guidance when you buy now.